By Eric Harr

AMIDST the sometimes dizzying, flurrying bacchanalia of everyday life, we often overlook ourselves.

We can become so mired in the minutiae -- and taking care of our loves ones, our homes, our community -- that little remains to take care of...ourselves.

It's utterly important to take care of yourself each day. It keeps you healthy, balanced and infused with energy. In fact, you can be more "of service" to others when your own cup is full.

Here are a four ways to do that:

Put a moratorium on bad news

In the past decade, it seems our noisy world has been given a violent shove into deafening. Each day, traffic worsens, pollution rises and the news media assaults our senses and insults our sensibilities with a blitzkrieg of negative images. Human beings are resilient and, without thought, we adapt to these stresses. But, all of those images and reports become a permanent part of our consciousness. While it's important to stay abreast of the human condition and to do our part to improve it, we needn't subject ourselves to an overabundance of news, particularly the graphic coverage on television. Over the next month, turn off the TV and be discriminating about what you read. It will feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders.

Start with you

The best time of day to take care of yourself is in the morning, before the day takes hold. A little morning jog -- even 10 minutes of deep breathing in peaceful solitude with a cup of green tea -- can give you a stronger sense of calm and balance that can last all day. Your health is your most precious asset. Make time for it, by waking up half an hour earlier each day. The benefits you will derive from this tip will far outweigh the missed sleep.

Establish new "healthy family rituals"

Most of our rituals tend to revolve around food, and we can become a little fixated on it -- and fattened by it. Consider creating new "healthy" family traditions. These outings can boost your health and enjoyment of everyday life; by fitting in a little physical activity each day, the sumptuous meals can be more fully enjoyed guilt-free!

Here are some ideas: Organize a family, or neighborhood-wide, fun run or walk each Sunday evening. Map out a simple and safe course around your neighborhood, draw a start and finish line on the street with some chalk, gather everyone together -- and go. Or, your healthy family ritual can be as simple as taking a long, lingering pre- or post-dinner walk. The idea here is merely to shift the focus ever so slightly towards health and togetherness.

Feel good, look good, do good

By training for an event on behalf of a charity dear to your heart, you live your best life -- as you help others live theirs. It is a gift of inestimable value to yourself and to them. Here's how to do it in three simple steps:

1. Set a health and fitness goal for yourself and choose an event on The Active Network. You needn't do the Raid Gauloises or the Ironman Triathlon! There are events for everyone, at every fitness level, in every corner of our world. Find one that resonates with you and register for it this week. That simple act ties you to a tangible time-based goal, which helps you exercise with more passion -- and purpose.

2. Visit FirstGiving to set up your own fundraising page in minutes, for free.

3. Pursue your new goal with a fire in your heart -- and revel in the feeling that you are doing good for your body as you do good for our world.

Each day is an opportunity to recharge your body, refresh your mind, revitalize your most cherished relationships -- and renew your faith in humanity and in one another.

Take a little more time for yourself each day. It can make all the difference for you -- and for those around you.